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Best of 2012: 20 of the Hottest Celeb Manicures That Got Us Talking This Year

  • Katy Perry went all out when she tweeted a picture of these floral nails.

  • Kelly Rowland showed up at the 54th Grammy Awards with these blinged out nails.

    Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
  • At the Emmy Awards, Kelly Osbourne wore a $250,000 manicure of black diamonds. Disgusted by the amount or not, her nails were really cool.

    Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
  • Amber Rose instagrammed this image of her detailed nails that matched her dress.

  • Miley Cyrus went as Nicki Minaj for Halloween and showed us her pink and yellow nail art.

  • Love her or hate her, we do love Ke$ha's nails here. They're similar to the manicure in MAC's Glamour Daze collection.

  • Katy Perry showed who she was voting for in the presidential election with these Obama nails.

  • Zooey Deschanel posted this photo on Instagram and wrote "I am wearing a gown but my nails are wearing tuxedos!!! #goldenglobes"

  • At the Total Recall Premiere, Jessica Biel wore this diagonal pink manicure.

    Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
  • Adele showed up at the Grammy Awards with Louboutin nails - they were painted silver and red underneath.

    Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
  • Lady Gaga had some fierce black and gold stiletto nails at the Grammy Awards.

    Photo: Larry Busacca
  • Zooey Deschanel painted little TV's on her nails for the Emmys.

  • Katy Perry never ceases to amaze us with her nail art. These rhinestone nails are so sparkly and perfect for holiday parties!

  • Zooey Deschanel tweeted this picture of her nautical manicure and we were so envious.

  • Demi Lovato has also had some impressive nail art this year. She tweeted this picture of her golden studded nails, which are pretty badass.

  • Long nails came back into style and Lana Del Rey went with it with these red geometric stiletto nails.

  • Lily Allen tweeted this picture of her gorgeous geometric nails done with neutral shades.

Best of 2012: 20 of the Hottest Celeb Manicures That Got Us Talking This Year

Best of 2012: 20 of the Hottest Celeb Manicures That Got Us Talking This Year

Best of 2012: 20 of the Hottest Celeb Manicures That Got Us Talking This Year
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Now that the year is almost over (shocking,we know) it’s time to look back at the best, the worst, and the most weird. Nail art has yet to take a backseat, as celebrities have been donning the prettiest and craziest manicures this year. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel first come to mind when thinking about the most unique manis, but there is a long list of celebrities that have jumped on board the nail art trend.

Some celebrities decided to match their nails to their outfit, including textures, while others chose themes or holidays or even who they were voting for in the presidential election. We were impressed and inspired to get creative with our own nails thanks to Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and we can’t forget all those nails at the Summer Olympics! Click through the slideshow to see our favorites of 2012 and let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorite or if we forgot any memorable manis!

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