2009 Best And Worst Makeovers

Nathan Bush

We’ve dubbed 2009 the year of the makeover. We saw celebrities undertaking dramatic changes with their looks, some for the better and some that should have been left well enough alone, We’ve rounded up our favorite transformations of the year, along with the biggest style mistakes. Read on to find out who made the grade.


Carrie Underwood

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The country crooner decided to take her lustrous blonde locks to new lengths by cutting it into a long bob. The new style features tons of volume and a much softer, less structured look. We’re big fans of the new ‘do because it shows that you don’t need to make a big change in order to make an impact. Carrie may have only cut a few inches off of her hair, but that slight change helped to refresh and invigorate her stuck-in-a-rut style.

Halle Berry


Let’s be honest here, could Halle Berry EVER look bad? The gorgeous star has been all over the hair map this year: She rang in 2009 with long, lush locks, which she then chopped into a layered, chin-length bob and then cut it yet again into a textured pixie. We love the cropped look on her because it emphasizes her amazing bone structure and really helps to show off that gorgeous face. Remember ladies, there’s no better hairstyle than a pixie to flaunt a fab face.


Fergie 2009 Best And Worst Makeovers

Long flaxen curls are the status quo for most pop stars, which is why we love the fact that Fergie Ferg decided to go against the pop-tart grain by dying her hair dark. The toasty chocolate brown shade really warms up her olive complexion and helps her stand out from the rest of the pack.

Selena Gomez


The tween idol grew up before our very eyes when she chopped off her long, teenybopper locks in favor of a sophisticated “lob” (long bob). Her shorter strands look elegant, chic and positively grown-up, making her a style icon in the making.

Drew Barrymore


Miss Drew likes to keep things interesting by mixing up her beauty choices and this year was no exception. She started off doing her best Brigitte Bardot impression, turning up on the red carpet sporting some major volume and teased tresses, then took the plunge and chopped her hair into a textured bob. After one brief misstep with some black hair dye, she finally found her groove with this sweet and simple bob.


Kristen Stewart


Okay, we know this one isn’t really fair because it was done for a role, but still. We think K.Stew looks her best when she’s sporting Bella’s long chocolate waves, so seeing her at the Twilight premieres with this ratty rock mullet broke our hearts. From the flat, too-dark hue to the choppy, messy layers — there’s really nothing in this look we can get behind. We hope this Joan Jett biopic wraps soon so Kristen can ditch the she-mullet and rock something a little more flattering for her beautiful face.

Katharine McPhee


It’s like some unwritten rule in Hollywood that blonde is better. Not so in our eyes, as evidenced by Katharine McPhee’s tragic transformation. The raven-haired songbird must have had a case of temporary insanity when she told her stylist to chop off her gorgeous hair and dye it blonde; what else could explain this dramatic change? While the cut could have been cute if she had shortened up the back a bit, there’s just no rescuing the color–it washes her out and pushes her into the background, instead of putting her on center stage where she belongs.

Hayden Panettiere


Bangs, when done correctly, can help frame your face and define your features. Unfortunately that’s not the case with poor Hayden here, who cut her long hair into a shoulder-length bob with an ill-advised fringe. By opting for blunt, straight-across bangs, Hayden ended up adding unwanted fullness to her round face; she would have been better served going with a soft, sideswept bang to help break up the roundness, instead of emphasizing it.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor 2009 Best And Worst Makeovers

It’s hard to remember that Taylor Momsen is only 16. That’s because she’s so busy piling on pounds of unnecessary makeup. The young Gossip Girl star has become a fan of rimming her eyes in layers of dark liner and smudged shadow, then topping it off with a bold, statement lip. While we applaud her for playing with color, we think she’s gone too far. All that makeup makes her look way too old, and a bit tacky. We like the bold lip, but we think she should learn to take it easy with the eyeliner — the combined effect is more trampy than trendy.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz


The younger Simpson sister has a well-documented flirtation with hair dye. While we can’t say we totally love the orangey-red shade she’s been wearing this year, it’s definitely a lot better than the dull black shade she just unveiled. Even worse, her new cut features full, blunt bangs that are too heavy for her face shape. Our advice for Ashlee? Ditch the bangs and go back to honey blonde — it suits her complexion and brightens up her face, making her look fresh, radiant and age-appropriate.

Who do you think should win the award for the year’s best makeover?

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