• A ponytail can take on an entirely new look with two mini braids styled right on top. 

    Image via Become Gorgeous

    Photo: Become Gorgeous/Become Gorgeous
  • Update your usual pulled back braids look with these two mini fishtail braids, finishing the hairstyle off by wrapping hair around the elastic holding the braids together. 

    Image via Bloom

    Photo: Bloom/Bloom
  • This sideways braid is finished off with a classic bun donut, making for a braid and bun combo that's hard to resist. 

    Image via Hair Romance

    Photo: Hair Romance/Hair Romance
  • Keep things simple with long beach waves and a small braid from each side of your head coming together in the back to create an ethereal look. 

    Image via Long Hairstyle How To

    Photo: Long Hairstyle How To/Long Hairstyle How To
  • This braided updo is intricate and lovely, pulling together French braids from the top and bottom sections of hair and pinning up in the back for a regal look. 

    Image via What Anna Loves

    Photo: What Anna Loves/What Anna Loves
  • If you've got ombre colored hair, this style is the one for you. Keep your hair loose and wavy, braiding from each side about two inches back from your hairline, keeping face-framing pieces out of the braid. 

    Image via Obaz

    Photo: Obaz/Obaz
  • With this half-fishtail, half-bun updo, your hair will look stunning all night long. 

    Image via Cardigans and Cookies

    Photo: Cardigans and Cookies/Cardigans and Cookies
  • A waterfall braid like this one looks especially good on blonde highlighted hair, accentuating the highlights and making your hair look multidimensional. 

    Image via Meilishuo

    Photo: Meilishuo/Meilishuo
  • Instead of a hairstyle with a single braid, take things up a few notches and create a triple braided look. 

    Image via Minkette

    Photo: Minkette/Minkette
  • Combining French braids and a fishtail braid has never looked so good. 

    Image via Hairstyle Design

    Photo: Hairstyle Design/Hairstyle Design
  • With a French twist, a braid, a bun and some face-framing pieces, this hairstyle seems complicated, but it's totally simple and looks gorgeous. 

    Image via Long Hairstyle How To

    Photo: Long Hairstyle How To/Long Hairstyle How To
  • Top off this braided hairstyle with a traditional ponytail, then wrap pieces around the elastic to give it a clean finish. 

    Image via The Small Things

    Photo: The Small Things Blog/The Small Things Blog
  • Surprise everyone with an upside-down braided bun - no one will see it coming! 

    Image via Devo Far Mile Ossa

    Photo: Devo Far Mile Ossa/Devo Far Mile Ossa
  • Get your bangs out of your face for a night of dancing with this braided crown hairstyle. 

    Image via Pretty Pretty Things

    Photo: Pretty Pretty Things/Pretty Pretty Things
  • Create three separate braids and pin hair up just above the nape of your neck for this feminine and unexpected hairstyle. 

    Image via Makeup.com

    Photo: Makeup.com/Makeup.com

15 Braided Prom Hairstyles You Have to See

15 Braided Prom Hairstyles You Have to See

15 Braided Prom Hairstyles You Have to See
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With prom quickly approaching, the time to find the perfect hairstyle is closing in. By now you’ve likely found the dress and the date (or your trusty group of girls you’ll be dancing with), so your hair and makeup situation should be the icing on the cake. Whether you’ve got a one-shouldered gown or an above-the-knee flirty number, it’s hard to go wrong with a braided hairstyle. From chignons to fishtails to ponytails, braids can make any hairstyle prettier and more interesting.

To help you find the perfect braided hairstyle for prom, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite styles. Take a look at the braid ideas above and tell us which you’ll be donning for prom in the comments below!

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