12 Beauty Tips From Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

12 Beauty Tips From Our Favorite Celebrity Moms
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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and after reflecting on the best beauty tips we’ve learned from our own moms (like constantly applying sunscreen and changing your pillow case once a week), we got to thinking about the beauty secrets we’ve learned from our favorite celebrity moms. These ladies know what it takes to look good on a regular basis, how to stay in shape for the red carpet and most importantly, they learn countless tricks from their hair and makeup artists. In short, when a celebrity mom has a beauty tip, you need to take note.

From Blue Ivy’s mom Beyonce to Apple’s mom Gwyneth Paltrow, we’ve pulled the best celebrity mom beauty tips from 12 of our favorite stars. Take a look at the tips above and tell us your favorite beauty tip from mom in the comments below!

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