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10 Wedding Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

10 Wedding Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

10 Wedding Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know
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In addition to prom, we’re also coming up to wedding season. This means that pretty dresses, mermaid waves and gorgeous makeup looks are everywhere we turn. While I personally will not be getting married any time soon (and thank goodness for that because there’s no way I could ever decide on a dress or flower arrangement at this point), looking at pictures of beautiful brides and their dream weddings is nothing short of fun. However, for those of you that are planning your weddings, I’m sure that how you will do your makeup is at the forefront of your mind.

To the uninitiated, wedding makeup is a minefield of scary decisions. How do you make your foundation last? What lipstick is going to stay put the longest? How do you make sure you look good in photos? Even if you enlist professional help, knowing how to touch up throughout the day is crucially important to ensure you stay looking perfect all day long.

So for all the brides planning the most important day of your lives, we wanted to make life that little bit easier and share with you our top 10 beauty tips for ensuring you look stunning on your wedding day. And even if you’re not getting married, simply do as I do and enjoy the pictures!

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