10 Spring Nail Polishes For Any Occasion

10 Spring Nail Polishes For Any Occasion
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With spring approaching, what better way to prepare for all the new activities to participate in than to switch up your nail polish colors! Lets face it, the navy blue nail polish you’ve been using week after week during winter needs to be put away. Spring is here, which means pastels and bright colors need to be seen on our fingers and toes (which also means you may want to book your pedicure appointment to fix those seriously abandoned feet).

Whether your going on a relaxing bike ride, catching an iced, yes iced, coffee with friends, or seeing a new movie on a rainy day: we have your polishes picked out. Flip through the slides to match the perfect shade for whatever festive plan you have for your spring day! ┬áPlus, check out our #nailcall posts to inspire some nail art to accompany your new mani. Don’t forget your nails need to defrost from winter too with fun new colors and be sure to comment below on your favorite!

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