10 Best Skull Manicures on Pinterest For Halloween

10 Best Skull Manicures on Pinterest For Halloween
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We know October may have just begun but we’re already thinking about what kind of nail art we’re going to do for Halloween. From pumpkins to skulls to simple black and orange nails, we’ll probably be rocking the holiday on our nails all month long. Skulls are great for nail art, especially for beginners, because the most basic (but still super cute!) nails can be created with only black and white polish and little to no tools. There are also Halloween nail strips if you don’t have the time to paint ten skulls.

We searched Pinterest to bring you the top ten skull nail art designs to mimic for Halloween, or for any day actually. Try these designs at home and make sure to send us your nail art to @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall and you could be featured on the site!

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