The 10 Best Red Nail Polish Shades

The 10 Best Red Nail Polish Shades
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When it comes to nail polish, we’ve tried it all. From matte shades to leopard print to water marbling, we’re up for anything. But, we also love a great classic hue to paint on our nails as well, and when it comes to the classic there is nothing better than a simple red manicure. With the never-ending choices in the nail salons and beauty stores, it can be hard to choose the best reds for your salon visit (not that we’re complaining).

Above we’ve narrowed down some of the very best red nail polishes for you to make sure that you’ve tried out the best of the best, and to add to your home supply if you’re a fun of the good ‘ol DIY. Plus, when you’re in a hurry for a clean and quick manicure at your neighborhood salon, now you’ll know what shade to reach for. Let us know in the comments section below what your go-to red is!

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