10 Products to Steal From Your Boyfriend

10 Products to Steal From Your Boyfriend
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Next time you are at your boyfriend’s place and you happen to be running late, don’t sweat it! A little known secret is that you can use men’s products after all. Although he probably won’t have the same extensive makeup collection that you do, he will definitely still have products that work just as well or ever better than yours at home.

Not only will these be effective, they will save you money since you won’t have to go out and purchase a travel set of everything you have at home. Deodorant is something that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. Men’s antiperspirants are actually great for women as well – they smell better than the typical girly-scented ones and you won’t have worry about being sweaty in the summer heat. The best kept secret is that men’s razors and shaving cream typically work better than the women’s brand razors. They have more blades which equals a closer, smoother shave. Another product that can be useful is a styling gel or pomade. They are great for smoothing out flyaways and adding texture to your hair.

So, don’t hesitate to rummage through his medicine cabinet. He is sure to have some great products that you probably over looked before. Click through the slideshow above to get the skinny on what you can snag from your man.

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