10 Products to Keep in Your Emergency Beauty Kit

10 Products to Keep in Your Emergency Beauty Kit
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An emergency beauty kit is essential for girls on the go. If you’re going from work to drinks with the girls or end up staying at a friend’s, you need to keep some must-have products with you for touch-ups without doing your entire beauty regimen. Every kit will be different depending on what your lifestyle is like, but these necessary products will keep you looking and smelling fresh, no matter how long you’re out on the town.

Find travel sizes in your favorite products and keep them in a small cosmetic bag you can slip into your purse or overnight bag. Forget heavy makeup as it’ll make you look more tired and instead opt for a more natural look that glows. While mascara is always great to have on hand, eyeliner and dark shadows can crease and give you an undesirable effect, especially in the morning or if you’ve been up for long hours. Flip through the slideshow for the essentials that will save you from any beauty blunders.

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