10 Heat Protectant Products to Fight Dry Hair

10 Heat Protectant Products to Fight Dry Hair
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As excited as we are for fall and the chunky knit scarves it brings, the colder weather poses some serious issues for hair. Besides deciding whether to go darker for the season and choosing the perfect hat for day-old hair (which are entirely fun decisions), the problem of dry strands comes about. Cold air outside and dry, hot air inside both lead to less than luscious locks, so a change in beauty routine needs to happen. If you’re a heat styling junkie (we’re guilty), one very important product needs to be added to your routine: a heat protectant.

Depending on your hair type, you’ll want to choose to use a spray, cream or serum. If you’ve got curly hair and you’re aiming for sleek strands, Kiehl’s has a cream for that. Are you aiming to get rid of split ends? Nexxus’ spray can help your hair. Not so into your strands feeling like they’ve got a product in there? Oscar Blandi’s got you covered. Whatever your situation, we found a heat protectant to help you. Take a look through the slideshow above to find the perfect product for your hair type to keep your hair looking healthy in this colder weather.

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