10 Hairstyles We Can’t Wait to Try in 2013

10 Hairstyles We Can’t Wait to Try in 2013
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We would say we had a good year when it comes to our hair (well, except for a bad dye job here or there) because the beachy waves and ombré trend had us looking good almost every day. Now that the year is almost over it’s time to reflect on the good (and the bad) and look forward to what’s to come. After seeing the trends on the Spring 2013 runways in September we couldn’t wait to a get a fresh start on our hair come January.

Although it won’t be spring yet, we’ll start bringing out the pastel highlights and bouffants once 2013 comes. We’re looking forward to leaving our beachy strands behind for more grungy curls and undone updos so we can turn our look from Cali babe to urban chic. Check out the slideshow to see all the hairstyles we can’t wait to try next in 2013, then tell us in the comments below which trends you’ll be trying!

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