10 ‘Great Gatsby’ Inspired Hair Accessories

10 ‘Great Gatsby’ Inspired Hair Accessories
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Warner Bros. recently released official photos from the much anticipated 3-D version of The Great Gatsby and let us just say,our Leonardo DiCaprio crush circa the Titanic days just came rushing back. The tan, the blonde waves… swoon.

But Leo wasn’t the only one who was looking good in the released pictures. We could not be more envious of Carey Mulligan’s chicturn-of-the-century bob and the statement accessories she styled it with.

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Bold patterned scarves, pearl encrusted head pieces, rhinestone combs and feathers adorn the head ofDaisy Buchanan in this 2012 remake. And while we all wish we can afford antique barrettes and combs to achieve this same look at home, we understand that the chances of getting our hands on a find like that are slim to none. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to suggest a few modern-day adaptations to try out.

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