10 False Eyelashes You Need To Try

10 False Eyelashes You Need To Try
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We have all been there. You wake up, look in the mirror and get the shock of your life over how tired you look. Well, no worries, because false eyelashes are here for you and so are we! With false eyelashes, you are able to appear more awake and give your lashes a little extra drama. There are so many different ranges of thickness of falsies that you can choose from, so whether you want to add just a couple of lashes, or go all out, there is a type of false lash out there for you. It’s time to shake up your makeup routine!

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Look through our slideshow above at some of our favorite false eyelashes and pick up a couple to try for yourself! Don’t get discouraged if you have no idea how to apply them, because practice makes perfect! And be sure to also pick up lash glue so your lashes last all day. Leave us a comment down below and let us know how your false lash adventure went!

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