10 Beauty Must-Haves for New York Fashion Week

10 Beauty Must-Haves for New York Fashion Week
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New York Fashion Week is just around the corner, and editors everywhere are confirming their schedules, picking out outfits and stocking up on beauty products. While we may also be trying to get in beauty rest while we can, many of us have certain rituals when it comes to fashion week (for example, drinking a glass of Emergen-C each day for the week prior) that help get us through the hectic yet oh-so-fun times. As a beauty editor, I spend my time backstage interviewing the best of the best in hair and makeup and checking out all of the gorgeous models before they hit the runway.

But, since I’m backstage with the talent, I certainly can’t let my own beauty look suffer simply because I’m tired. Above I’ve listed what my beauty essentials are for the week (pretty much everything that I’ve stockpiled on my vanity right at this moment). From bold pink lipsticks to hand sanitzer, these are the things I’ll be relying on most this upcoming week (besides of course my iPhone). Let me know if you have any suggestions for great long-lasting products (or life-saving eye creams) in the comments below, and of course follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram to catch all of our behind-the-scenes!

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