How to Fix Hat Hair: The Genius Tricks You Need

hat hair

How unfair is the universe? We need hats to stay warm. We love how cool we look in our hats. However, as soon as we take hat off, hat (uh, hot?) mess. What can we do? We can’t stand hat hair any more than you can, so we went straight to the experts for their help in the matter. Read on below for genius tricks that will help you avoid hat hair and the bad hair days associated with it.

Choose your products very carefully. Stay away from volumizing mouse or spray gel as they are your enemy for combating hat hair. These products tend to be sticky and greasy making the hair crease more easily with hats. Leave in conditioners, however, decrease frizziness.

“Before putting a  hat on, it’s always best to give your hair a really strong blow dry,” says British celebrity hair stylist Mark Hill. Building in volume will help your style ‘spring’ back to life.

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If you don’t have time for a blowout, go for a blow-vamp. To quickly revamp your style, adding in a little bit of dry shampoo will do the trick. Mark advises you just spray into your hair, shake through, and then comb hair back into style. Keeping a travel size product in your handbag will have you ready to rebound from hat hair.

“One of my favorite hair tricks to avoid hat hair this winter is to spray a soft mist of water on the ends of your hair to help control frizz and hydrate dry hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Richard Marin. “After spritzing the water, twist your hair into a bun and place the coiled bun underneath your hat. When you are ready to take off your hat, run your fingers through your hair to release the bun. The outcome – a sultry, textured wave free of hat hair and frizz!”

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Proper hat choice matters. The material and size of your hat is important. Wool, cotton and cashmere hats help avoid static cling. Sticking to loose berets, floppy style hats, and bolo hats are best. Beanies tend to be the worst hair offenders. Try to choose a hat that doesn’t have a thick or tight band around it, to help prevent the dreaded flat hat head,” says Emily Heser, a Senior Stylist at Cutler Salon.

A great way to reduce static electricity is to run a dryer sheet over your hair. “If you don’t have one on hand, you can also use a bit of Argan oil to fight the fly aways. It’s never a bad idea to keep a small bottle in your purse for times like this!” says Heser.

Image via Sam Edwards/Getty Images