• Click through the slideshow to see 101 great prom hairstyles to try!

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  • For an instant Greek Goddess Glam look try braids and multiple headbands.

  • Try the curled half up half down style or simply tuck you hair back behind one ear for a lovely look.  

  • These are two very different ways to incorporate curls into your look whether you're going for a classic look or a cool accent like the braid shown here. 

  • If you're looking for a cool way to incorporate braids into your updo, look no further! 

  • The braids are back! The best part about these two looks is that polished or undone braids can create two different styles giving you more options.
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  • This pony has added drama from the wrapped around hair that extends past the base and then for a sweeter look add a bobby pin. 

  • If you're looking for a cool way to incorporate braids into your hair, this is definitely the way! 

  • More ideas for those with shorter hair, try adding texture to the look to amp up your look for the big night!

  • If you're going for a loose updo, try this knotted and loose style but for a more intricately braided updo try the one pictured to the right. 

  • These updos incorporate braids and twists for a modern take on a classic look. 

  • This pony has added drama from the wrapped around hair that extends past the base and then for a sweeter look add a bejeweled headband. 

  • For a casual, beach look to go with your prom look go with some textured waves.

  • These retro looks may be old fashioned but that doesn't mean they aren't still totally drool-worthy styles! Try a classic dress and you'll be the Grace Kelly of the prom! 

  • Bringing back more retro looks, go for an S wave or a pulled back style for a '40s vibe. 

  • For slicked and shiny hair try any of these pulled back styles.

  • These are two variations on the side swept look: the first being the classic S wave and then the second is a beachy wavy look that can be achieved with salt water spray. 

  • If you have a pixie cut, try smoothing the look with smoothing serum for a sleek look. For longer hair, try a volumized pony for added drama. 

  • Whether you have short hair or long, you can try the wavy look for your prom night! 

  • If you want to let really let loose for prom try texture and let your beautiful locks fly free or tame them just a bit by pinning them back with floral accents. 

  • To keep your hair out of your face from pictures to dancing the night away, try one of these pony tails with braided or knots to set you apart.

  • Incorporate braids into your prom hair look by making it a cool accent for your half up do or create an updo focused on the braids.

  • Flowers galore! If you're looking for a way to feature your floral head piece, try one of these classic updos so that the flower is the star (except for you!) 

  • If you have long hair, take full advantage of it with either of these two ethereal styles for the big night. 

  • If you're going for a muted style try this braided, simple up do. For those with lots of locks to spare, try it piled on top of the head for a cool, edgy look.

  • From a half up do tied back with a braid to a flowy hair parted to the side, these two looks are classic and effortless. 

  • Try a classic half up do or tuck a loose chiffon to the side for a modern twist. 

  • Go for a high fashion faux bob for your prom look or you can try a curled side pony with sweet details. 

  • We're loving the different variations on the braids here. Try a cool flipped braided pony with a ribbon braided into it or the next look to make sure you're beautiful face is the main attraction. 

  • The fishtail braid makes a cool twist on this casual look while you can go full out with a crown braid for a high fashion look. 

  • Even if you have shorter hair doesn't mean you can't have a cute, curled look. For a side swept do, try this look with a flower to match your gown. 

  • To go for a straight from the runway look try this side sock bun or for a more floral look, try a wavy, flower adorned style. 

  • If you're looking to feature your blunt bangs try a slick bun or if you're looking for a celestial inspired hair do, slip on a wreath of flowers and you'll look like a goddess.

  • For two different takes on the half up do, take a look at these two examples. Both bring a modern and fresh take on a classic formal staple. 

  • Using twists and strategically placed whisps and braids, you'll be the belle of the ball (or prom!)

  • The perfect way to pull back your hair in a stylized take on the french twist or a perfect pomp and braid.
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  • It's all in the details! Add some braids to your up do or add a flower or sparkle detail.
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  • The key to both these looks is texture and hairspray!
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  • Forget diamonds, bobby pins are a girl's best friend that save us from all hair disasters! Use the hair colored pins to keep your hair in place and sparkly ones to add a little glitz.
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  • Add a little drama (the good kind) to your prom night with these cool hair styles.  

  • These twists and braids add that little something extra for your up do.
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  • Now here are some braids! Be daring or a little more demure. 

  • Make sure you have volumizing mousse on hand for these styles!
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  • If you want a loose style with still lots of drama and effect, the first is definitely for you. Fan of braids? Go for the second look.
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  • Love the look of braids down your back? Try one of these tweaks on the classic style for prom.
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  • Talk about twists! The twist can be created into so many looks, you won't know which one is your fav!
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  • The fishtail braid is the best, but if you want another hair detail try a cool headband!
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  • These two styles are loose and use twisted hair to give volume (whether kept in the twists or twisted out for light waves)
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  • These twists can be pulled up completely for a more polished look or pulled a bit out at the ends for something more relaxed and casual.
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  • Again, the accent piece can really add that something special to your prom ensemble.
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  • Whether you're going for curls and for slick straight, go glossy with a shine serum.
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101 Prom Hairstyles You Need To See

101 Prom Hairstyles You Need To See

Prom night is fast approaching and finding the perfect formal hairstyle is a major priority. Whether you want to wear your hair down, up or even half-up there are countless different styles to choose from and figuring out which one may work for you (and your outfit) is a pretty large task. So, we’re here to help make sure you look picture perfect for the big night with plenty of hairstyles for prom, and where else to find the best ideas for prom hair inspiration than Pinterest?

We’ve compiled our favorite curls, buns, up dos, waves, braids, and twists so that no matter what style you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! If you’re planning on getting your hair done at a salon, remember to try to book a month in advance so that your favorite stylist is available that day. We’d also recommend pulling a few different hairstyles that are in the same ballpark of what you’re looking for, so you can easily describe to your stylist what you may want.

So, what are you waiting for, gorgeous? Find your soul mate hairdo and get off to prom and have the night of your life!

What hairstyle are you planning to rock on prom night?  Tell us in the comment section below!

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