Beautiful and Smart: Karlie Kloss Heads To Harvard

Leah Bourne

A typical day at work for supermodel Karlie Kloss includes everything from hitting the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret to posing in Hermès ad campaigns to showing up on gala red carpets, but it appears the leggy beauty is going in a different direction: The Ivy League. According to new photos on Kloss’ Instagram feed, seems she’s taking classes at Harvard, following in the footsteps of models like Tyra Banks.

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Kloss captioned the below photo: “I am very excited to be spending a few days here on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge for a class this week. I had to pay respect to Mr. John Harvard himself and rub his foot for good luck :)”

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 1

Photo Via Karlie Kloss’ Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 1

Photo Via Karlie Kloss Instagram.

She later posted a photo while hard at work studying in the library. “Late night in the library,” she captioned the above photo.

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Kloss has mentioned her interest in attending Harvard before, so major kudos to the model that she followed through. She told the Daily Front Row last year: “Harvard at some point is in the plan, but all in good time. I have always had an interest in medicine; my father is an emergency room doctor. Now that I am getting more and more involved in these entrepreneurial projects I think business is something that would also be fascinating. To have a better understanding of economics and business, and the way to run a successful company. Tyra [Banks] did it. She went to Harvard business school. I can do it, too.”

A little bit of advice for Kloss as she begins her college adventure—stay away from the dining hall, stake out a prime place to study and mark your territory, and limit yourself to one all-nighter a week, if anyone deserves their beauty rest, it’s you.


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