Bart Simpson: Cartoon Turned Fashion Muse

Jamie Rose

Who would think to turn one of the most recognized television cartoon characters into a bonafide fashion muse? Jeremy Scott apparently did.

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week will be getting a taste of Bart Simpson when his famous face will be plastered across numerous garments in Scott’s upcoming show. The designer told The Hollywood Reporter that he originally “came up with a Bart Simpson sweater then [his] assistant wanted one too.”

Though skeptical at first, Scott took a leap of faith. After talking to Fox executives, he created eight pieces for his Fall 2012 collection. Though the designer has never met The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, the collection will definitely be great publicity for the show’s upcoming 500th episode. As for Scott, he’s living proof that inspiration can come from the strangest yet most obvious of places.

Photo Credit: Fox

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