Where You Can Still See Banksy’s Street Art In NYC

Leah Bourne

banksy-nyc-01Throughout the month of October UK-based graffiti artist Banksy has been enjoying a month-long residency in New York City (a self-motivated one, of course). The world renowned artist and recluse has sold work in a stand in Central Park for $60 a piece (worth tens of thousands of dollars on the open market), graffitied a truck that then proceeded to drive around the city, and even taken a swipe at the new World Trade Center in one of his pieces.
While some of the graffiti art has already been painted over, or wasn’t permanent to begin with, some pieces are still able to be viewed. Who knows how long that will last, so if you happen to be in New York City visit these spots while you can. And special thanks to the folks over at Animal who have been keeping track of Banksy’s every move.
Where You Can Still See Banksy’s Street Art In NYC:

banksy new york accent 1 Where You Can Still See Banksys Street Art In NYC

1. New York Accent
25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues; Manhattan
2. Peeing Dog
24th Street and 6th Avenue; Manhattan
3. Playground Mob: The Musical
7 Delancey Street; Manhattan
4. Dirt Underwear: The Musical
204 Bushwick Avenue; Brooklyn

red balloon girl banksy Where You Can Still See Banksys Street Art In NYC

5. Red Balloon
King Street and Van Brunt Street; Brooklyn
6. Car Mural
159 Ludlow Street; Manhattan
7. Beaver
274 Bradford Street; Brooklyn
8. Concret Confessional
7th Street and Cooper Square; Manhattan
9. Eternity
38th Avenue and 69th Street; Queens

image Where You Can Still See Banksys Street Art In NYC

10. Twin Towers
Jay Street & Staple Street; Manhattan
11. Boy With Hammer
West 79th Street and Broadway; Manhattan
12. Ghetto 4 Life
465 East 153rd Street; The Bronx
13. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club
641 West 51st Street; Manhattan
14. Robot
2812 Stillwell Avenue; Brooklyn
Have you gone to visit any of the Banksy pieces? Share your experience in the comments below!
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