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Banish Bikini Bloat With These 5 Easy Diet Tips!

Banish Bikini Bloat With These 5 Easy Diet Tips!


Summer has officially kicked off, your bikini collection is ready to go and theres no looking back. For a fail-proof path to looking your best on the beach, look no further than your plate. Here are five easy lifestyle tips to kiss a bloated stomach and digestive distress goodbye for good.

1) Love Your Water Bottle And Start Chugging
Water busts bloating fast by aiding digestion and managing hunger and hydration levels. And a major bonus, plenty of H2O gives your skin a refreshed shine and helps prevent signs of too much tanning and aging (read: wrinkles). Suck down 1 to 3 liters of water per day depending on activity levels and pop-in lemon, lime or cucumber slices for some extra flavor.

2) Eat Foods That Bust Bloating
They are indeed out there, so get your hands on them fast! Cucumbers, asparagus, artichokes, watermelon, citrus fruit and cantaloupe, among others, act as natural diuretics. If you tend to retain water easily, these are perfect picks. Also, reach for healthy fats like salmon, avocado and olive oil that help reduce inflammation and keep stomachs flat.

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Cantaloupe and watermelon are natural diuretics. Photo:

3) Steer Clear of Bloating Red Flags Artificial Sweeteners, Caffeine and Carbonation
If you want a svelte stomach in seconds (well, give it a day or two at least), seriously consider kicking your diet soda, sugar-free gum and Splenda habit. All of these items, as well as “sugar-free” and “no-sugar added” products can cause digestive distress and bloating. And if youve got a particularly sensitive stomach, keep caffeine and carbonated drinks to a minimum as they can impact bloating as well.

4) Drink Smarter And Budget Booze
Because we know you have zero intention of giving up your favorite summer cocktails, heres how to play the game smarter: Skip sugary-sweet mixers and calorie-bomb frozen margaritas which can wreck havoc on any svelte stomach. Have 1 or 2 of your cocktails of choice like margaritas on the rocks, mojitos and sangria, then switch to something lighter like champagne, wine, light beer or the standby vodka-soda. Spread out your drinks (and your calories) by reaching for seltzer with lime in between cocktails. Or add some club soda to white or rose wine for a refreshing light spritzer.

Budgeting your booze calorie counts for summers top cocktails:

  • White or rose wine (5 oz) 110 calories
  • Mojito (3.5 oz) 150 calories
  • Corona Light with lime (12 oz) 105 calories
  • Margarita on the rocks (3 oz) 223 calories
  • Sangria (see recipe, 1 glass) 120 calories

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Watch your poolside boozing. Photo:

5) Clean It Up And Get Rid Of Junk
Were talking about everything you love to hate. Fried, greasy, super-creamy foods and processed and packaged items that are loaded down with sodium, excess sugar, empty calories and refined carbs. These foods suck energy levels and contribute to bloating. Keep the French fries, salty cold cuts, chips, candy, greasy Chinese food and starchy bagels on the low-end. Instead, reach for real, whole ingredients and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables beach and bikini-friendly all the way.

Want more diet tips? Check out Marissa’s new book The Cheater’s Diet!

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Marissa Lippert is a registered dietitian in Manhattan and knows great food when she tastes it. Voted by Citysearch as one of New Yorks Best Nutritionists for the past three years, Marissa is the founder of Nourish, a nutrition counseling and media communications firm, where she helps individuals live, eat and cook more healthfully without giving up delicious food.

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  • Muffy

    My muffin top and I want to thank you for posting this article (she won’t be around for much longer…)

  • ellie

    good to know that i only do one of these things… drink water… i gotta get that flat tummy!

  • Cindy

    These foods are great, when one has Chrons we can not eat all veggies and fruit and salads as much as we would like. It disrupts our intestinal tract. I drink water all day long, eat what fruits and veggies I can eat without this disruption. I am with the spare tire. Any suggestions? I am also 2nd year menopause. Thank you.

  • darlene hooper

    i have gone from size 16ladys pants size to 12 girls size pants, with in a few months i feel better about my self for it,the reason i lost the weight because my 9 year old told me i was not healty and he wanting me to lose the weight so i drank lemon juice and water that is a life saver for me to keep my weight off.

  • Salman

    it is better to be hated for what we are then to be loved for what we are not.well done is better then well said….Hello Every 1

  • Ashley

    This sounds like something I can do. Hopefully between the Zumba and these awesome tips my post-baby belly will be gone in no-time. Thanks

  • ivy mande

    this is good to know,cos i have taken all for granted n my belli gets bigger each day

  • ivy mande

    this is good to know,cos i have taken all for granted n my belli gets bigger each day

  • Rabiatu Lartey

    I just love this once it will help ma tommy be flat and look so sexy.

  • Dawna

    Perfect – I have eliminated most of these from my daily diet due to digestive symptoms. Thanks – I’ll share the information with my friends.

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    what about stretch marks?? :)

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    definitly have a muffin top! Starting tomorrow Ill be working towards getting rid of it thanks to this add

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