Band of Outsiders Resort 2012: Gender Lessons

Kerry Pieri
Band of Outsiders Resort 2012: Gender Lessons
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Those bandage skirts a couple of seasons ago really sold it for me the perfect mix of a boyish blazer with something sexy on the bottom, while maintaining a preppy vibe, is something I can definitely roll with. Designer Scott Sternberg, while keeping some prep in the models’ step, managed to balance his way with boyishness with something a bit more femme.

Middie skirts have gingham touches, but were shown with starched button ups, there were sporty nylon hoodies, but also a leather pencil skirt, leather short shorts and red skinnies. That becoming-signature bandage skirt got the pastel treatment and was shown with a clean white jacket and the same fabric was used for a tube top worn with a voluminous white skirt.

It wasn’t about the length of the skirt, because there were many, or telling just a sexy story, just a sporty story, or just a girlish story the tale told lie in the balance of proportions and bringing the best of your boyfriend’s closet into girl land.

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