Awkward Family Pet Photos Equal Literary Gold In Our Book

Laurel Pinson
Awkward Family Pet Photos Equal Literary Gold In Our Book
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Mike Bender and Doug Chernack are at it again. The same duo who brought usThe New York Times best-selling Awkward Family Photos are set to release a new book, Awkward Family Pet Photos — which is now available here.

I do my best not to judge people, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Imagine your parents showing this to your significant other over Thanksgiving dinner (seriously, I die).

Throwing a camera into the mix is all fine and good, but add in a pissed off pet and some awkward matching sweaters, bad props, and horrendous 80’s haircuts? Not a good idea. (I predict it being on the waiting room tables of many a therapist office. I mean, what a better way to cheer up an emotionally unstable patient than with these pictures? BTW, the possum just slays me — is that an actual photo of the Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies or what?)

I love my pet and I consider it a part of my family, but does that mean I should include it in my family pictures too? Check out the slideshow above for some insanely awful and “fall-out-of-your-seat” funny pics that will no doubt make your Monday a wee bit more tolerable.

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This is what happens when Hillbillies go to the photo center.

A Christmas Card that never came down from the fridge.

Grandma better appreciate this.

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, I guess?

That poor cat.

I guess this is better than bringing your cousin to prom

Bring your pet to school day and picture day all in one.

I don't think the dog can breathe. 

I'm not sure who the fire hydrant's for.

I found Lassie.

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