New Study Showcases What The ‘Average’ Woman Looks Like Around The World

Valeria Nekhim
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Photos courtesy of 9gag

The average woman’s face from around the world is quite attractive if we’re to judge from the images generated by a team of experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow, who aligned numerous photos of female volunteers and composited them together for the final results.

The Scottish minds took the average measurements and shapes of the subjects’ features, then blended them together. In fact, it’s this very blending that has fueled controversy, as critics are saying it ultimately erases any singular issues or distinguishable characteristics. This is perhaps why the women look so damn good — and luminous.

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Another issue calling the experiment into question is there’s no clear word on how the selection process worked, nor how many women were used. We’re no specialists on the subject, but forgive us for being a little suspectful when all the featured dames have virtually perfect noses! We’re also curious as to why the faces of the average Canadian or American gal aren’t depicted.

That said, we have to admit some faces are dead on, or maybe we’re just falling victim to ethnic stereotypes? And as interesting as this experiment is, we hope the high bar it sets in terms of average female attractiveness doesn’t cause some to feel insecure.

Take a look and tell us if you think there’s any validity to this study, which at the very least makes for an interesting conversational piece.

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