Audrey Tautou at Coco Before Chanel Premiere


Many fashionistas are devout worshippers at the Church of Chanel, and now, this fall, French film darling Audrey Tautou will become the church’s newest icon, second only to Madame Chanel herself.

Tautou embodies the fashion deity in Coco Before Chanel, the film centering on the iconic designer’s trials and glories, which opens September 25 in NYC and LA. At the film’s premiere this week at LA’s Pacific Design Center, Tautou arrived practically in character, appropriately draped in a strikingly modern and chic Lanvin black dress, thin patent leather belt, a tousled, architectural up-do, with simple burgundy lips. In regards to her portrayal of Chanel, the film’s director, Jane Fontaine, said: “For me, it was incredible to have in front of me the similarity between Gabrielle Chanel and Audrey… when you see the ways of the eyes, the intensity, the French elegance and also the strong personality. I don’t think I could have dreamed a better actress.” Tres vrai.

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