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Ask Anything — Why Do Only Married Men Hit On Me?

Ask Anything — Why Do Only Married Men Hit On Me?


Dear What Men Want:

I came across your article, and I thought Id ask a real man this perplexing question. I just dont understand why only married men hit on me. Single men show no interest in me, but married menWOW!

I’m a very respected and classy woman. I’m in my forties, but I look like I’m still in my thirties. I’m in good shape, educated, professional, and very fashionable, although a little conservative with my clothes (meaning my tops aren’t low cut or anything like that). Single men hardly notice me, but married men chase me down like wild dogs. I don’t believe I’m sending out any particular vibe to attract them. How do I get single men to start chasing me instead?

Can’t wait to hear your answer.


Dear Perplexed:

You need to analyze where you’re meeting these guys, because from what it sounds like, you’re hanging out at places that attract an older crowd. Even though you may look like you’re in your thirties, let’s face it: most people your age are married. The chances of you meeting guys that are single are far worse than you meeting guys that are married. Also, keep in mind that married men are typically bored — they’re looking for someone like you to cure their boredom. This isn’t your fault, it’s simply how the system works.

Whether you’re educated, professional, or the Queen of England — all of that doesn’t matter. If I’m approaching you at a bar, it’s because I think you’re hot and potentially a great lay, not because I’m hoping you’re “professional” or “fashionable.” Change your venues. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, start hitting new bars or clubs with a younger crowd. Although you may not find it ideal, chances are your future mate is a few years younger than you, but for a woman in her forties, isn’t that a good thing? Show guys in their thirties or late twenties that you can keep up, have as much fun as some of the younger girls, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Otherwise, your fate lies in

Signing off,


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  • Guest

     My “venue” is a home in the outskirts of the city which I pay a nice mortgage with my now single income and time off working on the house. Who are my peers? The marrieds in the same homes around me-the women hate me because I’m a threat, their kids hassle me and the men hit on me. One I challenged for doing this sold the house and moved with his then-pregnant to a different house three blocks away. Really?

    We don’t go to bars and such at our age–we work, work on the house, we hang with our families, walk our dogs, go on trips and plan for retirement: The same things as the still-marrieds do. The idea of married men thinking I’m suddenly available for sex disgusts me.

    Where are the divorced and widowed men? The obvious ones I see ignore me, but are doing the same things except they they quit showering and shaving. We will live next door, use the same paint, walk the same paths until we end up in graves next to each other because they will pretend that you are twenty and will not date or re-marry a woman with whom you have so much in common.

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