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The Art of Mothering: Author Betsy Franco Talks Creativity And Her Famous Sons
  • Betsy Franco shares a snippet of her personal and professional life. "No way did I envision doing the things I’m doing now," she tells us. "I don’t
    think that far ahead -- I just seize opportunities."

  • On working alongside her son James Franco on the soap opera, General Hospital: "That was a real trip because it was like a parallel universe. He was Franco and I was his mother and he was a
    murderer and I was a crazy. I never felt that way when acting before – it was really
    freaky at first.  I learned so much just
    acting with [James]. He was just SO committed."

  • Betsy and James bring on the drama during a scene on ABC's General Hospital.

  • Franco's YA novel, Metamorphosis Junior Year turned into a family collaboration. Son Tom provided the illustrations for both the book and the eventual play, youngest son Dave was there for revisions and to offer feedback, while both Dave and James narrate the audio version. (James also later directed a documentary about the play as well.)

  • Betsy and her husband Doug were both artists who studied together at Stanford University. Sadly, Doug passed away last fall after a wide and varied career as a businessman and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

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  • On her own career and being an example to her sons growing up: "It didn’t hurt for them to see that
    I was willing to do what it took. My motto has always been 'make it work'."

  • Franco's parenting philosophy towards her own children growing up is a sentiment she's carried over into her motivational speaking engagements for high school teens interested in pursuing a career in the creative arts.  "If someone makes some bad choices, you’re going to limit your options. If you really
    want to do what you say you want to do, this will have an effect on that."

  • What's the one thing Franco feels she and her entire family share? "I don’t think any of
    us see the work we do as separate. Everything is a challenge, but in a good way."

  • On acting with her famous family: "[The boys] got me into acting by watching them grow so much from it. They
    got to me branch out and they gave me the courage to move beyond one


The Art of Mothering: Author Betsy Franco Talks Creativity And Her Famous Sons