Arrested At #OccupyWallStreet? There’s An App For That

Jessica Hoppe

Tensions are rising amongst protesters, community members and law enforcement as the “Occupy Wall Street” protests pass the one-month mark in New York City and are rapidly spreading across the country. Recently things have gotten pretty hairy down at Zucotti Park and the hysteria has spread across the country to Oakland.

Countless arrests have already been made sparking the invention of a nifty new app — “I’m Getting Arrested” is a new free app for protesters to alert others that they are about to be arrested. The creator of the “I’m Getting Arrested” app isJason Van Anden, a Brooklyn software developer. So far it is only available via the Android market although he’s working to make it available on the iPhone.

Gawker explains how it works:Users write a text message in advance and program a list of recipients. As they’re about to be arrested, users can hit one button and alert everyone on their list.

As of Monday morning, 9,000 had installed it. Van Anden says he doesn’t know if anyone used it because he installed privacy controls.

Who said these protesters weren’t organized?

[Image courtesy of Gawker]

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