The Ariel Winter Bikini Photo Extravaganza of 2017 Continues

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Ariel Winter Red Carpet
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Update, 1/12/17: 

Just three days after kicking off her official swimsuit photo fiesta of 2017, Ariel Winter is at it again, posting a pic of herself in a thong bathing suit to Instagram. Her caption for this one was, “Y’all there are stingrays in the water😯,” but we’re pretty sure she just meant to write, “I’m wearing a thong!” Since this is definitely a pics-or-it-didn’t-happen situation, here you are.

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Of all the things you could call Ariel Winter (read: beautiful, talented, and confident as hell), shy is definitely not one of them. The 18-year-old actress, who underwent breast reduction surgery about a year ago, has been nothing if not vocal about loving herself since then—and she’s bringing all that body positivity into 2017.

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Over the weekend, the “Modern Family” actress skipped the Golden Globes in favor of a little downtime in Bora Bora with co-star Nolan Gould and friend Jessie Berg, and what would a tropical vacation be if she didn’t document it with a dozen half-naked photos on Instagram?

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Credit: Instagram | @arielwinter

Winter, who’s on the left in this photo, cheekily (ugh, sorry, had to) captioned it, “your favorite wives in paradise.” Jack Griffo, who will never not look  like a child to me, posted another photo of Winter and BFF Berg wading in the insanely beautiful water:

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Credit: Instagram | @jackgriffo

If nothing else, we know Winter is definitely not here for your body shaming: She’s previously showed off her underboob at her graduation ceremony, shown the world her bare ass getting done up (seriously) by her makeup artist, and let her Instagram followers decide which bikini she should buy. The actress also gave her Snapchat followers a bikini-clad selfie, showing off what looks to be a new hip tattoo.

ariel winter snapchat The Ariel Winter Bikini Photo Extravaganza of 2017 Continues

The tattoo, which almost extends from her hip bone to her backside, is of a Greek phrase translates to “Love risks everything and asks for nothing,” according to Us Magazine. We’ll take their word for it.

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