Apple Sales Soar With iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sold Out

Jessica Hoppe
Apple Sales Soar With iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sold Out
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Despitelackluster reviews for the new iPhone 4S, pre-orders have already sold out, proving once again that what isApple is virtually gold.

PC Mag reports the online Apple Store has updated its shipping estimates for the company’s new iPhone 4S, and if you haven’t put your order in by now you’re out of luck come Friday (the day of in-store launch).

So now you’re only other options are either suck it up and wait for more inventory, or go borrow a blankie from your friendly neighborhood #OccupyWallStreet demonstrators and hit the curb. (Mashable’s Charlie White reports there are already three people currently in line for an iPhone 4S at Apple’s 5th Avenue store in New York City. Two of them have been waiting for a total of 12 days already for the device, which is already AT&T’smost successful iPhone launch to date.)

Brad Gastwirth of ABR Investment Strategy toldPC Mag he expectssales to hit 28 million iPhones in the fourth quarter – 10 million of which he’s expecting to come from the iPhone 4S.And in total,IHS iSuppli Design is calling for the worldwide iPhone market to hit 83.6 million units in 2011.

Hmm, that line outside the flagship store here in NYC suddenly isn’t looking so bad!

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