The 10 Most Irrationally Hated Stars: Anne Hathaway, Nickelback, More

The 10 Most Irrationally Hated Stars: Anne Hathaway, Nickelback, More
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We all have them: That one (or five) celebrities that, when seen, incite feelings of anger, repulsion, or general hatred.

Of course, that hatred may not really be justified—it could be their voice, their hair, the annoying intonaions in their voice—but we’re the public, and it’s our right to dislike famous people, right?

Then there are those celebries that not only bear the brunt of our individual dislike, but suddently become an object of society’s repulsion, as well.

One example of this: Anne Hathaway.  Since early 2013,  one of the biggest hot-button issues has been the public’s overwhelming vitriol for  the “Les Misérables” star.

Everything about Hathaway—her acceptance speeches, her looks, her interview quotes, her body language, her fashion choices—has been widely criticized and, after nabbing the Best Supporting Actress Oscar at the Oscars, the public’s backlash against the seemingly harmless star became more pointed than ever.

This isn’t the first time a famous person has experienced severe cultural backlash stemming from little else than the fact that they’re simply a little annoying. Another good example: Canadian rock band Nickelback.

While never critically acclaimed (or particularly good, for that matter), the band has sold millions of records and have achieved commercial success. Still, they can’t seem to catch a break, becoming reduced to little else than a punchline during the last few years. Have they done anything truly offensive? No. They’re just lame, which is hardly reason enough to bear the brunt of society’s hatred.

Obviously, people are always going to have opinions about celebrities (they are celebrities, after all) and often, the public’s overwhelming distaste certainly is justified.

Take, for example, Chris Brown. It’s not hard to see why society views him in a such a negative light: Brown was convicted of assault after beating up his on-and-off girlfriend Rihanna, who has since forgiven him (and that’s the abridged version of events!) Now, there’s a legitimate reason to really hate a celebrity—but not liking someone’s “horse mouth” just isn’t.

In honor of the Hathaway hatred that infiltrated the zeitgeist earlier this year, we’ve compiled a slideshow of 10 of the most irrationally hated celebrities today—and shared why people seem to feel this way.

Click through the slideshow above to see who made the cut!

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