Anna Wintour Seriously Wants Kate Middleton on Vogue’s Cover

Spencer Cain

Even though she is one of the most photographed people in the world right now and her likeness has graced hundreds of magazines, Kate Middleton has yet to formally sit for a glossy photo shoot. The publishing world is entirely aware of the power this princess wields, so it’s only natural that top editors are vying for her attention.

Of course, Vogue‘s legendary editrix (and the toughest broad on the block) Anna Wintour is all about this. According to Page Six, she’s been quoted as saying “There’s nothing vulgar or trashy about her…she dresses her age and never looks out of place.” I’m sure the fact that they are also both British and generally just give off an aura of perfection doesn’t hurt either.

Apparently Anna has been pressuring fashion’s most famous photographer Mario Testino (who happened to be Princess Diana’s favorite and a friend of the royal family — hello engagement pics!) to court Kate and win her over for a Vogue spread. So what’s the hold-up? Why is Kate not dripping in diamonds and couture on our newsstands already?Well naturally,the Palace is playing coy about the whole thing and saying they want to protect her image.

I can understand this — perhaps a Vogue spread would come across as too flashy for the Brits, especially those who had a problem with their tax dollars helping to pay for the foie gras they feasted on at their wedding celebration. Nonetheless, I think she should do it. I know many of you think the Duchess is bland as can be, but she has the timeless glamour perfect for Vogue.

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