Anna Wintour & Carine Roitfeld Talk Kanye West’s Collection

Spencer Cain

After months of gossip and anticipation, Kanye West debuted his eponymous line on the runways during Paris Fashion Week. And…everyone was disappointed. Well, I wasn’t disappointed per se, I guess I just didn’t have ridiculously high expectations. While Mr. West has been absolutely obsessed with the fashion industry for years now, a rookie collection is a rookie collection. Having the bank to buy out Balmain and carry a Birkin as a briefcase does not a designer make, but I still thought it was a valiant effort.

But really, who cares what I think? The New York Times chatted with two of the most powerful forces in fashion, and here’s what they had to say. Carine Roitfeld, the former head of French Vogue and perpetual scenester was direct, stating, “I’m sure he knows what he did wrong and what he did right … He tried hard, and he wants to learn.” This is how many of us feel about the line. While there’s no doubt he put in the hours, it just missed the mark in some regards. But he clearly deserves another chance, and there’s no doubt that the fashion world will give it to him.

I’m sure you’re wondering what Anna Wintour, a.k.a. the most important editrix in all of the land, had to say about it.”Ask someone else,” she sniffed. ASK. SOMEONE. ELSE. I mean, if that doesn’t encapsulate why she’s perfect, then I just don’t know what does. I can imagine her (in a Chanel dress, sunglasses, bob and all) saying this and then trotting off to find acanap. (I’m just kidding. As if acanap would be involved.)

Regardless, by saying nothing, she said everything that needed to be said.

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