Anna Dello Russo Speaks! 7 Priceless Quotes From The Editor


It’s okay to be curious about Vogue Nippon’s Editor at Large Anna Dello Russoshe’s quite the character, wears fiberglass fruit as a hat, and won’t leave the house without wearing at least one thing that’s gold and/or glittery. If you’re anything like me, you wonder things like: Where did this chick come from? How can she possibly afford all of that couture? And, most importantly, is she serious?

Even though she’s only become a bona fide fashion celebrity in the last couple of yearsjoining the ranks of Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and Karl LagerfeldDello Russo hasn’t missed a Fashion Week in almost two decades. Since the explosion of street-style sites that made her a star, she’s launched her own fragrance, created a personal blog and Twitter account to engage with her global fan base, and walked the runway as a model for Ungaro and Lanvin x H&M.

Alexander Fury, the Fashion Director at, profiled the editor in today’s Independent, and digs deep into the life of Dello Russoa woman the world only knows on the most superficial level. Here are my favorite sound bites and revelations from the incredible interview.

She loves all the attention, and she worked damn hard to get it. “I used to be like Cinderella, working hard in the kitchen. Now finally I’ve been invited to the ball.”

To Anna, the world is a runway, or in some cases, an editorial. “It’s my first job to make myself up. I style myself like I style a model. You should put your passion on yourself before translating to other people.”

She practices what she preaches. Anna dresses the way she does because: “It’s a job, but on me. It’s like going to the dentist if you go to the dentist and the dentist doesn’t have beautiful white teeth… then how good is he?”

Instead of a 401(k), she has a few full closetsand in case you were wondering, she DOES pay retail.
“All my money, all my passion goes into the best, the key pieces of fashion. The pieces people want to see in the future.”

She’s been livin’ the dream since she was a baby. “I don’t have this routine life. I don’t go into the office; I’m travelling around the world. I’m lucky. But I never liked easy clothes in my life. My mother said, ‘You want a pair of jeans?’ and I said, ‘No, mother, I want a couture dress!'”

Yes, she knows that her accessories are absurd. “Sometimes I feel ridiculous, but it’s in a good way. Like the watermelon [she wore on her head], I love that. It’s such an Italian touch of humour.”

She owes everything to street-style photographers like Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman. “They made me. They made a new career.”

Photo via Net-a-Porter

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