Animal Rights And The Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber: A Misread Message

Liz Doupnik

kim1 Animal Rights And The Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber: A Misread MessageSo last night somewhere else in the world, outside of the StyleCaster 50 Most Stylish People throwdown, Kim Kardashian was getting flour bombed. What is a flour bomb, you may ask? A flour bomb is a glorious little surprise attack apparently thrust out of the hands of an angry animal rights activist and onto the red carpet ruining the perfectly posed mogul, Kim K.

Apparently, the perp screamed ‘Fur Hag,’ as she doused KK in the cooking substance, despite the fact that well, she wasn’t wearing fur. Although the main mission might have been somewhat of a failure, the culprit definitely turned some heads (and ruined Kim’s outfit). This got us thinking, did ruining a jacket that was painstakingly designed, produced and sold really that effective?

We’re not sure if poopooing (or in this case flouring) on the hard work by people who are most likely not getting the spotlight for their diligent work is the right way to get attention for a super important cause like animal rights. The fashion industry employs a ginormous amount of people, which now more than ever is a commendable feat. Are we suggesting that the guerilla flour attackers wait for a spare moment when Kim is naked, say in a bath or hot tub? Not entirely, but we think their message could be a lot stronger if they were a bit more strategic.

What do you think? Tell us in the comment section below!

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