Andrej Pejic Voted 98th Sexiest Woman, Called “Thing” By FHM


The other night, male model Andrej Pejic chatted with The Cut about the whole Dossier Journal censorship situation, and although he agrees it’s silly, he sees how booksellers could be confused about his gender, seeing as how he was just named the 98th sexiest woman in the world by FHM.

I am not sure how I hadn’t heard about this before, but I was intrigued since, you know, he’s a man, and has made it perfectly clear in interviews that although he enjoys being androgynous, he has no plans to become a woman. When I headed over to FHM‘s website and clicked on Andrej’s page, his article had mysteriously disappeared.

I wasn’t going to let that fly, so after a lot of digging, I found a screenshot of his original bio, which I think you should read for yourself:

128201 1306421170 Andrej Pejic Voted 98th Sexiest Woman, Called Thing By FHM

Um, what? I find the parts about him being “a thing” and an “it” particularly disgusting, don’t you? I know that FHM is supposed to be this machismo magazine all about tits and testosterone, but that is no reason to be flat out cruel to someone who is different. The author not only says he needs a “sick bucket” when thinking of Andrej as a Victoria’s Secret model, he calls out transgender model Lea T. (who actually is becoming a woman) for being “troubling” as well.

I sincerely hope that the publication took Andrej’s article down because it was ashamed.

Photo: Emily Abay for J’Aton Couture

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