Andrej Pejic Is Over His Weave And Pretty Much Everything Else

Summer K
Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic attends Jeffrey Fashion Cares

It’s no secret that we’re a bit obsessive when it comes to the shelight of our life, Andrej Pejic. In fact we love our darling androgynous glamazon so much, we pretty much live for his pithy tweets on Twitter. So imagine our surprise the other day when Anj (every diva deserves a pet name) announced he was getting his hair did at the mothership and was less than impressed with the scenery. “Gettin my weave out at Bergdorf Goodman, somewhat of a Pretty Woman situation,” he offered. “My god the rich are boring! Makes me wanna go back to the streets…but only for a second.”

This attitude seemed to cling to him like a grossly overpriced sheath dress, culminating in an “I’m so over it” assessment that he shared with us earlier this week while out socializing with friends. Should we be worried that our golden boy is starting to feel a bit jaded? After all, he was less than smiley at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares fundraiser last night AND came off as a wee bit bitchy when he dropped an “I want to shoot the DJ” tweet during Thursday’s early morning hours.

Boy trouble? Hangover? Inability to confront another stiletto in the face of New York’s jacked up pavement? We can’t be sure what the exact cause of this crankiness is, but we hope it soon passes. After all, a day without our angel’s smile is like a Barneys sample sale without a damn thing in our size.


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