Andrej Pejic To Meet The Queen: Possible Conversation Topics

Spencer Cain

Talk about a dinner party I would give a kidney to be invited to. Boy wonder and androgynous model “IT” boy Andrej Pejic received an official invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Elizabeth on October 13. Apparently, the boss lady invited luminaries from the Australian fashion industry to join her for a reception prior to her jihad to the land down under.

Grazia posed a very crucial question: Whatever will Mr. Pejic wear to the occasion? While it’s certainly fascinating to think of Andrej curtsyingin a faux Kate Middleton ensemble, what I really want to know is what the hell do these two have in common? And more importantly, what WILL they chat about?

Ever the social butterfly, I compiled a list of some possible scenarios. Feel free to chime in and share some more with the class.

  • Andrej will approach the Queen and compliment her on her Cartier brooch, prompting her to allow him to try it on. She will then forget he has it, he will leave the Palace wearing it, thus causing a national security scandal and fashion riot to ensue.
  • The Queen will spend the day pounding back Scotch and upon Andrej’s arrival in one of Jeremy Scott‘s assless chap ensembles, she will shriek in horror and demand he wear one of her vintage Chanel skirt suits instead (pill box hat and pearls included).
  • Naturally, they will exchange makeup tips. “I just love your foundation, Your Majesty.” “Thank you, dear. I’ve been getting the same one at Harrods for 400 years now!”
  • In an atrociously awkward turn of events, they will both be wearing the same outfit. After the Queen’s initial negative reaction, she will be thrilled and the two will play croquet admidst a sea of rollicking corgis.

Honestly, I’m at a loss here. This meeting of the minds is too magical and my imagination is running wild. I’m literally envisioning an Alice in Wonderland-style tea party where they are all sitting around in full costume munching on scones while tripping on some magical Earl Grey.

Anyway, stay tuned to StyleCaster for all Andrej – Queen updates, as we will definitely post whenever there is a new development.

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