Andrej Pejic Is Pretty And Makes His Grandmother Very Proud


Every time I see a photo of male model Andrej Pejic, I am dumbfounded by how beautiful he is. Thanks to Jezebel, I just saw him on video for the very first time, which cemented my belief that his blonde hair and pouty lips are prettier than those of most women.

The people in his native Serbia don’t seem to understand him and his ambiguous sexuality, but the 18 year old model makes no excuses for his appearance or his career as a model for both men’s and women’s shows. He’s tight-lipped about his sexual preference, but he reveals that he’s never had any plastic surgery although he’s not opposed to it. When the interviewer asked Andrej’s grandmother if she had a grandson or a granddaughter, she answered with a laugh, “I have both!” but not before saying that she’s very proud of him.

The clip below is a must-watch if you’re a fan of the model, and don’t be surprised if his maturity blows you away more than his perfect bone structure.

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