An NYU Student Gets Style Schooled: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER

An NYU Student Gets Style Schooled: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER
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Upon meeting NYU student Yael Cypers, her cool demeanor makes her seem more mature than a college freshman. However, style wise Yael felt she needed to add a little drama to her minimal and low maintenance look so her maturity and fashion senses better aligned. In turn, StyleCaster recruited Topshop along with the hair stylists and makeup artists of Pierre Michel to pump up Yael’s college look. Scroll through the images to follow Yael through her makeover day! Janice Chou

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Clothing at Topshop. Yael's makeover day started at Topshop with StyleCaster's creative director Emily Finkbinder for a new knockout outfit. Yael's style is usually basic and free of wild colors. Keeping Yael's love of neutrals in mind, Finkbinder picked a variety of muted pieces and punctuated them with prints or pops of color.

"Yael has such a sweet face that I just wanted to add a little toughness to her clothes," explains Finkbinder. Ultimately, Yael slipped into a chiffon floral dress and topped off her lightweight dress with a cropped leather moto jacket to give her dress a little more edge. Of course, woven leather, heeled sandals were a necessity to give Yael some height and suited the lightweight, feminine dress better than a pair of closed toe booties, which are a go-to standard.

Hair at Pierre Michel with Dror Kraft. Moving on from clothes to hair, Yael admitted to regularly straightening her hair, which left the ends of her hair damaged and split.

The key to Yael's hair makeover was to eliminate the damaged hair and shape her haircut so it would flatter (and not mask) her fresh face. Hair stylist Dror Kraft began Yael's haircut by taking off 8 inches from her hair and then, as Kraft details, "[I] created a layered haircut around her facial features so there's lots of movement. She can still pull her hair up but there are a few shorter pieces in the front so they veer away from her face – opening up her eyebrows and her cheekbones."

For anyone else who routinely straightens their hair, Kraft recommends investing in a quality straightening iron such as the Strat straightener by I Create Magic. Kraft also suggests picking up a conditioner with protein or an express at home keratin treatment to protect your hair.

Makeup with Colette Draut. Because she has a great complexion, Yael's makeup routine is very minimal with just a little cover up, blush and eyeliner. To match her edgier, new makeover look, Pierre Michel makeup artist Colette Draut pumped up Yael's look.

"Yael has gorgeous eyes so I played them up with a more feminine purple shimmer shadow and added some false lashes and liner so her eyes would really pop," says Draut. The purple shadow gave Yael's eyes a sultry, smokey eye but unlike a black or grey shadow felt more age appropriate on Yael. To finish Yael's eye makeup, Draut glided on a pale, frosted pink lip gloss for a young but edgy evening look.

The Final Reveal. Drum roll! Yael's final look brings her style into edgy but feminine territory. At the end of the day, Yael says, "My favorite part of the day was definitely trying on clothes in Topshop. I tried on a lot of outfits I really liked but would have never picked them out myself."

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