An Exclusive Pre-NYFW Chat With Rebecca Taylor!

Spencer Cain

The weeks leading up to New York Fashion Week are busy for all of us. Designers are rushing to previews, fittings, and putting the finishing touches on their much-anticipated collections, so it is rare to actually get the opportunity to chat with one of them, let alone one of my favorites! Rebecca Taylor took the time to share some of her thoughts with us, including some exclusive details on the line. Check out our interview with Rebecca below, and let us know what you are most excited to see from her upcoming show.

How does the inspiration for your Spring 2012 collection fit in with your overall concept, and where do you see the brand going?

This collection strongly emphasizes cut and color, which sets the pieces apart from anything we have created in the past. We want the Rebecca Taylor girl to be able to continuously invest in special pieces she can wear year round.

We know you are obsessed with patching and mixing materials. Can we expect to see a lot of this in the collection?

Yes! This season, I am mixing slouchy knits with cotton eyelets and voluminous outerwear in technical fabrics. It keeps things feeling fresh and cool.

Does the culture in your native New Zealand still inspire your designs? How so?

Definitely. The contrast between the laid-back New Zealand countryside and the fast-paced New York City lifestyle is a major source of inspiration for my designs. I think it’s important for fashion not to be too serious or feel forced.

Where in New York do you go for your vintage inspiration? What are your favorite places to explore?

I love to explore vintage book stores, the MET, and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, however; I often find inspiration just from people watching in NYC!

What is your idea of the quintessential “woman,” and do you cater to her? Is there a particular celebrity who you think embodies your brand most?

The quintessential Rebecca Taylor woman is modern, confident and knows how to have fun with fashion. Rachel Bilson, Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush, and Rashida Jones are all effortlessly chic and look great in our pieces.

Do you have a favorite fashion blog or online resource?

Garance Dor is one of my favorites!

What trends do you think we’ll see on the runway this season?Have you incorporated any into your line?

Color and cut is going to be important this season and yes, you will find an emphasis on style lines and cuts as well as bold color combinations.

What is your favorite piece or ensemble from the collection?

We have a few pieces with unexpected open-back details that are really special. They add an element of mystery.

What other designers are you looking forward to seeing most at the tents?

Marc Jacobs.

What are your pre-Fashion Week rituals?

My mother always flies in from New Zealand to help with the show. Milkshakes from Schnipper’s and David Bowie music is a must during fashion week!.

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