Alexander McQueen 2010 Shoes Poised to Sell Out


We had many thoughts about these shoes when we first witnessed the models teetering in them down Alexander McQueen‘s Spring/Summer 2010 runway. Our first thought was filled with excitement about how badass the shoes were and unlike anything we’d ever witnessed before in our fashion-loving lives.

Our second–that the only person we could picture actually wearing them (besides terrified looking models) would be Lady Gaga, which to our sheer joy proved an accurate assumption (see her new music video for “Bad Romance” which debuted this week).

The third thought to cross our minds? That the 10-inch claw-like heels would make for some pretty amazing photos on The Sartorialist, although that image was quickly negated by our logic telling us that no one would actually be wearing them in real life for Scott Schuman to shoot.

Well, apparently we were wrong about this one. Pride aside, we are excited to hear that the fashion-set is attempting the impossible; McQueen has been bombarded with requests for the extraordinary heels ever since his collection debuted. Now we’re guessing that at least a few of these calls come from people more likely to encase them behind glass than attempt to walk down a British cobblestone street in them (we just winced typing that). But we have to assume that some of these crazy people actually want to wear them! This officially makes our love for street style all the more exciting, and the anticipation for the first spotting might kill us.

Quick tip: Being the first “real person” to wear McQueen’s shoes (not in a music video) may be the best idea for reaching instant stardom since the making of the sex tape. Status seekers, take note.

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