Alexa Chung Looks Impossibly Chic, Even In Sneakers


If Alexa Chung goes down in history for only one thing, it will most likely be for her signature style, which is as feminine and classic as it is quirky and effortless. She’s known for her expert mixing of high and low, but when it comes to accessories, we can usually count on her to be sporting something really specialwhether it’s a one-of-a-kind Chanel bag or the latest pair of Miu Miu shoes.

Lately, though, Alexa’s let her love for accessible brands be known: She frequently proclaims her love for Topshop, she just announced that she’ll design a second line for Madewell, and now, she’s been named the face of Superga sneakers for the brand’s centennial campaign. Alexa turns to the shoeswhich are also a favorite of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsenon her off-duty days, and it’s refreshing to know that even the world’s biggest style icons can look impossibly cool in simple sneakers.

Alexa will star in Superga’s Spring 2011 campaign, and she even had a sweet birthday message for the brand, saying, “I’m a fan of Superga because like anything I love how they’re classic, practical and elegant. Happy 100th birthday guys – I hope I’m that cool when I’m 100!”

Watch the adorable behind-the-scenes video below!

Photo via Vogue Italia

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