Alexa Chung’s Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial Isn’t As Helpful As We’d Hoped

Julie Gerstein

Around here, we can’t get enough of Alexa Chungespecially her signature cat-eye makeup—so we were psyched to see a video tutorial emerge. Chung created the video for her new line of eye makeup with Eyeko cosmetics, and it promises to show viewers how to get the It-Brit’s eye makeup look. But here’s the thing: She starts out the video already wearing a perfectly made up eye, and she applies eyeliner and mascara over her perfectly crafted eye. C’mon Alexa!

“Luckily, I’ve looked at enough cats to work out how to do it,” quips Chung, as she stares at her flawless visage in the mirror.

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To add insult to injury, Chung didn’t even do her own makeup for the clip, as makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is credited in the video. Granted, it looks amazing, but we’ve learned nothing. If you really want to learn how to pull off a perfect cat eye, you’re better off watching this step-by-step video.

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