Should Airlines Provide Child-Free Zones?

Jamie Rose

 Should Airlines Provide Child Free Zones?

There’s nothing quite like being stuck on a long flight with a screaming child. We’ve all been there and know it’s pure hell. But should airlines go as far as having areas or even flights where children aren’t allowed?

A recent New York Post article reported that a family with two toddlers was kicked off a JetBlue flight because one of them threw a tantrum. According to the mother she and her husband “were holding them down with all of [their] might, seat belt on.” Well, at least they tried.

This didn’t satisfy the captain whatsoever. JetBlue ruled that the plane “could not take off safely with the family on board, and ordered them off the plane.” That seems a bit harsh, especially since it cost the family an extra $2,000. This was obviously a win for JetBlue, but not for this poor family that just wanted to get home.

Some might say what JetBlue did was wrong and that this family had every right to fly back home from their vacation. However, I know I’ve been in a place very similar to this. Traveling with children under the age of five is not the easiest thing.

It would be lovely if an airline created “child-free” flights or even special areas on planes just for kids and parents so us passengers could enjoy our flight. Seriously, hasn’t Disney thought of full-blown family flights, just like their cruises?

People say this may be discriminating against parents, but at the same time, it’s somewhat common courtesy. Do you think there should be “child-free” sections on flights or not? Tell us what you think in our comments section below.

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