This is Too Much: The #AfterSex Selfie is Now a Thing

Meghan Blalock

Of all the things the Internet has come up with, there have been a couple that are notably unsavory. First, much to every decent human being’s horror, selfies taken at funerals became a trending topic, and now the new thing is #AfterSex selfies, which are extremely self-explanatory. And extremely private. Here’s a prime example:

aftersex selfie 1

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We really just can’t with this one. The entire phenomenon of the selfie, of which 1 million are taken every single day, is something that’s particularly fascinating because it’s perhaps the most poignant expression of narcissism that modern-day society has yet managed to conjure; and the #AfterSex selfie is really taking it to the next level.

The silver lining on this largely abhorrent new trend: people are already doing spoofs of it. Here are a couple of our favorites, based on an extremely preliminary search.

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