Affordable Online Art Website Launches – Attracts Guest Curator Ryan Korban


Buying original artwork isn’t usually something that’s top of shopping list for twentysomethings (struggling to pay their rent is more like it). In fact, art collecting has typically been reserved for those with an obnoxious amount of white wall space to fill in their Park Avenue lofts. This may all be changing if the founders of Zatista, an online art retailer,have anything to say about it.

“The idea for Zatista came about as my wife and I were trying to decorate our first house,” Pete Borowsky, Zatista’s Founder and CEO, explained to us. “We wanted some art for our walls but had moved beyond the Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keefe framed posters. We wanted some ‘real original art.'”

“As we started to look around, we realized this was no easy task,” the entrepreneur added. “Getting to galleries was tough, and frankly a little bit intimidating. Online, everything we found were prints and reproductions.”

Thus, the need for an easier, more accessible way to buy original art spawned, a site that houses a massive database of 100 percent original artwork, all completely curated by the site’s three person staff. And for commitment phobes, all the artwork is returnable (although they’ve yet to get a painting sent back).

The site officially launched last week, and for art buyers on a budget, the prices are completely accessible. Collecting newbies have a choice of works starting at $25. That’s not to say that an experienced collector can’t have their own fun; there are plenty of pieces that cost well into the thousands.

But even if you don’t have a dime to spend, “window” browsing through the massive database of paintings everything ranging from abstract Jackson Pollock types to watercolor landscapes is well worth the aesthetic inspiration. Plus you can live vicariously by loading each piece into the “virtual room” application, which allows you to anticipate how your artwork of choice will potentially look in a living room, bedroom, or hallway setting; you can even play around with the wall’s paint colors.

The site is already garnering quite the buzz. In-demand interior designer Ryan Korban, who’s known for adding some serious style to supermodel and celeb apartments around NYC, recently guest curated a selection of pieces.

But no better way to get a good “buy” recommendation than straight from the source. To get you started on your artistic adventures, Borowsky has curated a selection of six pieces worth investing in. We’re loving symphony 6’s illustration-meets-canvas composition. See below for the duo’s picks!

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1) oku 01111 (snowdune), $525, by Lana Bernberg; 2) symphony 6 , $100 by Edward Zelinsky
90764 1271288687 Affordable Online Art Website Launches   Attracts Guest Curator Ryan Korban
3) NYC TRAIN ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING, $750, by Janet Ternoff; 4) Orange Crane, $950, by Donna Marsh
90765 1271288690 Affordable Online Art Website Launches   Attracts Guest Curator Ryan Korban
5) Unearth 3, $960, by Evgenia Fisher; 6) Afternoon Shadows, $2,900, by Konnie Kim

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