“Miss Advised” Star Amy Laurent: 5 Tips on Opening Yourself Up to Finding Love

Spencer Cain

contributor 11 Miss Advised Star Amy Laurent: 5 Tips on Opening Yourself Up to Finding Love
You may know Amy Laurent from Bravo’s hit “Miss Advised“, where she helps young singles (and herself) navigate the perpetually complicated world of relationships. As an established matchmaker for over 7 years (she’s been featured on “The Today Show,” “The Early Show,” “Fox & Friends,” “Oprah” and a whole lot more), Amy has seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly.  And now, she’s here to share her wit and wisdom with you StyleCaster readers every week. If you can’t get enough Amy, you can now order her book 8 Weeks to Everlasting here or pick it up on iTunes

  1. Lose your “laundry list.” This doesn’t mean go out with anyone who asks, but your perfect partner is never 100% of what you “think” is perfect for you on paper. Date smart, but balance dating with being open to things outside of that core “dealbreakers” short list.
  2. Keep it simple. We often complicate things that are just not complicated. Stop over-analyzing and definitely avoid putting unfounded pressure on your first few dates. You’re not getting married; you’re on your second date. Always remember, this isn’t about making him like you. You have to like him, too, so let him do the footwork.
  3. Don’t overshare! TMI is a bad move. As relaxed as you are with this great first date, they’d rather not hear about your alcoholic mother and that nasty little habit she has of continuing to ask you for money. As interesting as you think they find it, it’s because they want to get to know as much as possible since this is probably the last time they will see you. Use your discretion – Avoid oversharing in the beginning!
  4. Get rid of excess baggage. Keeping an ex around, hanging onto the past or having “friends with benefits” is a sure way to delay you from finding true love in your future. You must clean house — contrary to popular belief, you cannot have your cake and eat it too in this department. Love (and the universe) doesn’t work that way, so you have to make a choice in order to start the next chapter.
  5. Don’t try too hard. Put your best foot forward, work on yourself, but remain humbly confident. Don’t ever try to be something you’re not in order to try to make someone like you. No one’s perfect. Be your best YOU that you can be – and you will find that right person who loves you for you. Yes, flaws and all!

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