’90s Fashion: 15 Iconic Moments We’re Still Talking About

’90s Fashion: 15 Iconic Moments We’re Still Talking About
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There’s a major movement in contemporary fashion back to the 1990s-era trends: plaid prints, shirts tied’ round the waist, blocky silhouettes, and a general “we don’t give a f–k,” grunge-inspired attitude. Even models are coming back in vogue, with Kate Moss in full force perhaps more than ever, with a Playboy cover, a pending role on the U.K. version of “The Face,” and even a new role as fashion editor at Vogue.

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With the ’90s coming back in pretty much every way, we had a huge urge to look back at some of that decade’s most iconic fashion moments. From Cher and Dionne’s unabashed playfulness in “Clueless” to, yes, Moss at her prime, we’re still obsessed with pretty much everything that happened in fashion in the ’90s.

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Click through the gallery above to see 15 of the most iconic ’90s fashion moments ever!

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