Fashion and new media collide to bring you amazing things like these nine animated fashion films that you'll absolutely love.

Forget Morning Cartoons: 9 Animated Fashion Films Worth Watching

Sydney Scott
Forget Morning Cartoons: 9 Animated Fashion Films Worth Watching
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When the world of fashion and video collided no one knew what was going to come of it, but with more brands jumping on board, amazing fashion videos have become works of art unto themselves.

Now, the videos have been taken up a notch with the introduction of amazing animated shorts. Animated fashion films are perfect for those of us who reluctantly gave up Saturday morning cartoons in the name of becoming an adult. From dancing make-up and video lookbooks to strutting animations and little gladiators, we’ve found some cool animated videos for you to enjoy. Watch as a cartoonist pokes a little fun at Courtney Love,  snakes take over a behind-the-scenes shoot, and more. (Sorry, we couldn’t think of a good Snakes on a Plane joke.)

This new way of getting the word out about a new collection or campaign has quickly become an addiction for us and it’s cool to see fashion embrace short films because, well all know how long it took them to get on board with social media. Are there any of your favorites that we left off the list? Tell us!


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Fashion and new media are currently colliding to bring you these nine animated fashion films that we're sure you'll love.

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Louis Vuitton churns out some awesome animated films and one of our favorites has to be The Little Groom is Fighting in the Arena. We're not totally sure how fashion is involved, but it's definitely fun to watch.

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Filmmaker Molly Schiot took the dots and stripes of Miu Miu's 2011 resort collection and brought them to life as part of a project for online creative network The IdeaLists and NOWNESS. It's a cute short definitely embodies the spirit of Miu Miu.

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Peter Philips, global creative director for Chanel make-up, put together a video for NOWNESS that includes spiders, robots and a sassy Chanel model made of make-up striking a pose.

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Kenzo creates amazing clothing, so you shouldn't be surprised that this animated short is just as awesome. It's a colorful, fun video that includes an animation strutting across the screen. Seriously, the girl puts real models to shame.

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For their F/W 2010 collection, Prada added their name to the list of brands using fashion films to promote their lines. But, the didn't create just any old fashion video; they added a little animation and dubbed their creation a "MotionBook" (a fancypants new name for video lookbook).

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Ah, Courtney Love, no matter how well-dressed she is she will always have a few screws loose. Cartoonist Michael Mouris decided to poke a little fun at Courtney and her relationship with the fashion world. Uncle Karl makes an appearance and so does Andre Leon Talley. It's chalk full of f-bombs, so I wouldn't blast this one in the office.


Created for the the Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs exhibition at the museum of Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, this film was a collaboration between Vuitton and filmmaker Christian Borstlap. It's simple, attention grabbing, and perfectly embodies the brand.

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Take a journey into the history of fashion with this film created by Christian Borstlap. Created to accompany the theme of Heritage for the 2010 IHT Luxury Conference in London the film includes little tidbits about Karl Lagerfeld, Alber Elbaz, and Prada.

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Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin decide to take fashion films up a notch with their behind-the-scenes video for Balmain's A/W 2010 campaign. Watch as Kate Moss is attacked by snakes and surrounded by intriguing animation. It's what would happen if Disney had a dark and twisted little sister.

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